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Tuning and Repairs

Service Area

Because of our professional clientele, we have a large service area. With gas prices continually rising, please be aware that there is a price difference between “next available” and “next available IN YOUR AREA”. Unless you request otherwise, we will offer you the next available appointment IN YOUR AREA. For an additional charge, we will be glad to schedule you our next available appointment.

Regular Service Area

Clayton County

Butts County

Fayette County

Pike County

Henry County

Lamar County

Spalding County

Upson County

Monroe County

Bibb County


In addition, we service Columbus, Eatonton, Fort Valley Milledgeville, Newnan, Perry, Vienna, and all spots in between. We get to these areas quarterly — some of them more often. Our customers in these areas find we are well worth the wait.


Service Dates and Times

The number of clients we can see in a day is limited by the distance between customers and the work each piano requires — there is a limit to what the ear can handle in a day.


Unlike many other technicians and almost all other service professions, we do work evenings and Saturdays without additional charge. However, because of the concert work we do, our service area on Saturdays is often limited to areas easily accessible to the venue, and the available times by the rehearsal schedule of the artist. Also, because we work Saturdays, these fill up fast, so our next available Saturday may be a month or

more away.


Schedule evening appointments at your own risk! A first-time appointment could take three hours or more.

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